Shanghai Chengji International Logistics Co., LTD., the main road goods long and short distance transportation and warehousing, distribution, the company is located in Songjiang District geographical location, convenient transportation and good environment for the company to provide more opportunities for close cooperation with high-tech companies。With Shanghai as the center, our business covers large and medium-sized cities in Southwest, South, central, East, Northeast and other regions。The business scope has expanded to more than 30 provincial capitals across the country。The company has 1 ton, 1-10 tons, 10-35 tons, more than 35 tons, 4.2米、6.2米、6.8米、8.7米、9.6米、12.5米、17.5 meters of high hurdles, flat trucks, vans, semi-closed box cars to provide customers with freight services from Shanghai to all over the country。Now the company has formed a set of road transportation, air logistics, warehousing tally, packaging and processing in one of the third party logistics enterprises。Four advantages: From door to door you only need a phone call, everything to help you fix, sit at home, goods in the country to go!Every day on time, never miss the point, at any time and anywhere with the truck to maintain close contact with the person responsible, each business is negotiated by the person, track the goods, a vote in the end checkout spirit, can be paid on delivery。

Customers provide direct door-to-station, door-to-door delivery services。
Service standard:
Pick up: The company received customer entrusted within two hours to arrange the relevant personnel door-to-door pick up。
Delivery: All goods are in accordance with different modes of transport on the same day, the same day departure。
Delivery: Immediately notify the consignee after the arrival of the goods to deliver on time。
Packing: Strictly follow the requirements of the outer packing icon
1, to undertake moving and freight business;
2, goods storage and temporary storage, transit
3, to undertake vehicle, less-than-carload business
4. Cargo transportation insurance
5, goods packaging, customized closed, semi-closed, carton packaging, wooden box packaging
6, for individuals and companies to provide long-distance moving business
7, valuables, exhibition materials, fragile goods flexible packaging transport
8, such as pictorial, color painting and manual oil painting packaging and transportation business
9, ordinary, high-grade cosmetics;Piano professional handling, packaging transportation business
10, to provide professional car consignment business
Four advantages:
From door to door - just one phone call, everything to help you get it done, sit at home, goods in the country
Fast speed - start on time every day, never miss, and keep close contact with the truck anytime and anywhere
Special person is responsible - each business is negotiated by special person, feedback, goods tracking a vote to the end
Flexible checkout - Cash on delivery bulk freight can sign a long-term carrier contract can be signed with your company agreement, for the convenience of customers, freight settlement has the following methods (a, cash b, c, receipt payment d, monthly settlement)
The company adheres to the service concept of "reputation first, customer first",Adhere to the "safe, fast, accurate, cooperation" as the service goal,And is committed to creating a fine line radiation nationwide,The company's customers are all over the machinery and equipment, chemical, electronic and electrical appliances, food, building materials and other industries,And the transport business of a number of large companies。Today's Shanghai has developed into a national and even the world's logistics center, with unique superior conditions, Shanghai's logistics industry also ushered in a good opportunity for development。Face this rare great opportunity。Juncong logistics adhering to the "quality至上,Service first "business philosophy,In accordance with the "create value for customers" action criteria;With a highly qualified management team,A complete set of management systems has been established,Strive to improve the quality of service,We are committed to building "Chengji International Logistics" into a well-known brand in Shanghai,To provide customers with perfect service。
Shanghai to the national logistics company
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